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"Compact deep neural network models of visual cortex."
B.R. Cowley, P.L. Stan, J.W. Pillow*, M.A. Smith*. bioRxiv, 2023. [ TweePrint]

"One-to-one mapping between deep network units and real neurons uncovers a visual population code for social behavior."
B.R. Cowley, A.J. Calhoun, N. Rangarajan, J.W. Pillow*, M. Murthy*. bioRxiv, 2022.
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"Bridging neuronal correlations and dimensionality reduction."
A. Umakantha*, R. Morina*, B.R. Cowley*, A.C. Snyder, M.A. Smith, B.M. Yu. Neuron, 2021.
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"High-contrast 'gaudy' images improve the training of deep neural network models of visual cortex."
B.R. Cowley and J.W. Pillow. NeurIPS, 2020. [ code]

"Slow drift of neural activity as a signature of impulsivity in macaque visual and prefrontal cortex."
B.R. Cowley, A.C. Snyder, K. Acar, R.C. Williamson, B.M. Yu*, M.A. Smith*. Neuron, 2020.

"Adaptive stimulus selection to optimize a population of neurons."
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"Distance Covariance Analysis."
B.R. Cowley, J.S. Semedo, A. Zandvakili, M.A. Smith, A. Kohn, B.M. Yu. AISTATS, pp. 242-251, 2017. [Supplementals], [ code]

"Scaling properties of dimensionality reduction for neural populations and network models."
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"Stimulus-driven population activity patterns in macaque primary visual cortex."
B.R. Cowley, M.A. Smith, A. Kohn, B.M. Yu. PLoS Comput Biol, 12(12): e1005185, 2016.

"DataHigh: Graphical user interface for visualizing and interacting with high-dimensional neural activity."
B.R. Cowley, M. T. Kaufman, Z. S. Butler, M. M. Churchland, S. I. Ryu, K. V. Shenoy, and B. M. Yu. J Neural Eng, vol. 10, 2013, 066012. [ code], [website]